Caspar Lee & Snoochie Shy kick off new video series highlighting our shared love of creative content

Caspar Lee talks great content, creating it, and the cost when you don’t Get It Right

We’re launching a new mini-series sharing stories from creators and influencers discussing their love of content, and what goes into creating it, getting us to think about what’s truly involved in the creative process. Like anything, there’s a lot more than you might think. It’s hours of planning, concepting and crafting, not to mention a team of people behind-the-scenes.

Caspar Lee is first up and knows better than most the impact of piracy. With over 10 million followers across platforms, he has a very healthy fan base but this isn’t always a positive. His film Laid in America was a smash hit but in one month alone it was illegally streamed or downloaded more than 500,000 times.

Caspar discusses some of the music and films that he’s been enjoying and looks at the number of hours that went into creating this content. From Lewis Capaldi’s debut album, which took over 390 hours to record, to Titanic which took a titanic 20,000 people and over 2000 days to create.

The hope is that while we continue to watch, listen and absorb great content – vlogs, films, tv shows – we’ll also think about the process of making it and the cost when we don’t get it from the right places.