Partnership with SBTV

Partnership with SBTV

A four part mini documentary series spotlighting the creative process behind important pieces of content featuring: artist Phillip Butah, producers EY & Nav, rapper Nines, the team behind Football Manager and the creators of independent film ‘Between Two Worlds’

The SBTV documentaries feature high profile people working in the creative industries including award-winning artist Phillip Butah, who discusses the creation of his new painting of the legendary grime MC, Wiley. The video documentary also details the complexities of the creative process behind his paintings, which have featured high profile public figures including Prince Charles and Ed Sheeran.

Other video documentaries feature up-and-coming producers EY & Nav who worked with rising rapper Nines on his critically acclaimed track Can’t Blame Me, discussing the time consuming and labour intensive process involved in creating and producing music. Another documentary chronicles the process behind the creation of independent British romantic comedy Between Two Worlds, which was a hit on iTunes and stars British rapper Example in his debut film appearance. SBTV have also produced a video documentary featuring studio director Miles Jacobson and the team behind hit video game ‘Football Manager’, discussing the value and the process behind creating a world-renowned video game.

Jamal Edwards MBE, CEO and Founder of SBTV stated: “We are very happy to be able to shine a light on the UK creative industries. Every piece of creative content has artistic merit and should be treated with respect. The rise of legitimate content services are doing a lot to combat content piracy, but there’s still work to be done and I hope these videos make people think twice about illegally downloading creative content.

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