We’ve unveiled our third giant street art mural, this time celebrating Bournemouth’s vibrant creative and sporting community. The mural is 15m high and 13m wide and has been painted by Bournemouth-based graffiti artist Rick Walker.

The work is inspired by AFC Bournemouth’s Tommy Elphick and Robert Louis Stevenson’s Jekyll & Hyde.  The mural also references Bournemouth University and the National Centre for Computer Animation’s (NCCA) award-winning visual effects work.

Tommy Elphick has led his club to multiple promotions. He was deliberately chosen by artist Rick Walker as a source of local pride and a reminder of the importance of sport to Bournemouth. He also highlights the value of getting the sport you love from #genuine sites.

On seeing the mural completed for the first time, AFC Bournemouth captain, Tommy Elphick, commented: “It is a real honour that Rick Walker and the @getitright campaign saw it fit to include my image on such a ground-breaking piece of street art that will be seen by so many who live in or are visiting Bournemouth. I am really excited to see the finished artwork and, on behalf of everyone at AFC Bournemouth, I want to say a big thank you for our inclusion next to some huge figures from throughout this town’s eclectic creative history. I hope that what we have achieved at AFC Bournemouth over the last few years can inspire a generation of youngsters from the area to dream big – as a team we have showed that together, anything is possible.”

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote some of his best loved works of literature, including creating the iconic Jekyll and Hyde, in Bournemouth.

Lead artist Rick Walker, said: “Bournemouth has a lot of reasons to celebrate its creative culture with its rich history and current growing creative industry. We sought to encapsulate different facets of Bournemouth in this mural. The contemporary digital effects industry is booming in Bournemouth and is represented by the astronaut. We’ve shown the Cherries (Bournemouth FC) by portraying skipper Tommy Elphick. Robert Louis Stevenson made history when he wrote Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in a 2 week creative frenzy in Bournemouth and world champion break dance crew Second to None are also proud residents.”

The launch of the wall in Bournemouth follows those in Cardiff and Birmingham. The walls capture the energy and diversity of each city’s creative industries, from music to film to TV to publishing, and the people that breathe life into them.  The Bournemouth mural is the third of four giant artworks that will transform the landscapes of cities across the UK to celebrate the cultural history and the current diversity of the creative industries within each region.  Liverpool will follow Bournemouth, with artwork designed and created by local talent.

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