Caspar Lee talks great content, creating it, and the cost when you don’t get it from a genuine site

Last year, we launched a mini-series that brought together creators and influencers to share their stories on their love of great content and the work that goes into creating it. 

It got us thinking about what’s involved in the creative process. And it’s a lot more than can seem on the surface – we’re talking about the hours of planning, concepting and crafting and not forgetting all of those involved behind the scenes.

Caspar Lee was one of the creators we spoke to and there are not many people that can talk more about the impact of piracy. His film, Laid in America, was a smash hit but was still illegally streamed or downloaded over 500,000 times in just one month.

Here, Caspar chats about some of the music and films he’s been enjoying and the number of hours that went into creating them. From Lewis Capaldi’s album that took over 390 hours to record, to Hollywood classic Titanic, that took over 2,000 days and 20,000 people to make a reality.

It’s stats like these that make us realise the importance of helping those involved in creating all this great content. And we can do that just by getting it from the right places – it’s that easy.