What is the law regarding illegal downloading?

Creative ideas are unique. They need encouragement, dedication and protection. Creators must be rewarded for their artistic, intellectual and financial investments.

Intellectual property industries, like film, music, television and computer software, are central to the health and stability of the UK economy. The UK’s creative industry supports around 2.8 million UK jobs each year, contributes about £18 billion in exports around the world and contributes about £10 million per hour to the UK economy.

Technology may be revolutionising how you interact with creative content. Accessing that creative content from genuine sites ensures that the people who created the content you love, get paid for doing so. Strong intellectual property rights foster creativity, innovation and investment in new talent.

If in doubt, check out our bank of genuine sites. They all get the legal thumbs up from us and have links to where you can sign up, do the right thing and support the content you love.

There are many ways, but one easy one is to check out our pre-approved list of genuine sites, which we are updating all the time. It’s quite simple really.

Every time you get content illegally, whether it’s films, sports, TV shows, music or games, you could be exposed to dangerous pop ups, malware and/or the risk of fraud and hacking.

From sound technicians to make up artists – there are millions of jobs in the creative industry. The laws are in place to protect these people and give them the chance to continue creating the content we all love.