Great content got Krept & Konan through lockdown

Hip-Hop’s iconic duo, Krept & Konan, have found the time apart these last few months challenging. Actually, challenging might be an understatement (we’re looking at you Konan)!

They tell us how the recent lockdown was a real struggle for both of them, but great content got them through it and made their reunion that much sweeter. After all, a box set shared is a box set’s complicated story halved.

When it comes to what kept them going, it doesn’t matter whether you write top ten songs or sing along to them dancing around the living room, we’re all the same. We’re talking streaming music videos whilst cooking up a dish in the kitchen, putting together a banging playlist whilst brushing their teeth or playing video games together online to stay connected. All of this, but of course, from genuine sites.

So, think like Krept & Konan – get it from a genuine site, and support creators in the process.

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