Rapper Stefflon Don and TikTok star Jack Joseph don’t usually cross paths – let alone when one of them is coming back from a fancy dress party (you can probably guess which one).

In a hilarious new video, Jack Joseph is cast as a fictitious character, ‘Pirate Rick’, a frequent user of illegal streaming sites.

‘Rick’ and his friends are enjoying a takeaway after a fancy-dress party; his friends recognisably dressed as Eminem, Cardi B, Post Malone and a character from Squid Games. One by one they receive texts that suggest Rick has been a victim of a phishing scam as a result of using illegal streaming sites.

Just when Rick thinks it can’t get any worse, he gets a public dressing down from Stefflon Don for his illegal streaming, who’s overheard the commotion while grabbing something to eat during a studio break.

Rightly so though, right? After all, getting content from illegitimate sites puts users’ data at risk and impacts the content creators in the process.

So don’t be like Rick – get it right from a genuine site – to both support the creators you love and keep your personal data safe.