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Welcome to Get it Right from a Genuine Site

Welcome to Get it Right from a Genuine Site. We’re here to help you get the music, TV, films, games, books, newspapers, magazines and sport that you love from genuine services and support UK creativity by doing so. Every time you watch, listen, read or play, you make a choice, either to support the things you love and help them flourish and grow, or to contribute nothing. By supporting what you love, you invest in creating more of it and the development of new artists, creators and ideas.

We’ve just launched our website and social channels:

Please tell us what you’d like to see us doing and why you think it’s important to use genuine sites. If you need help finding the music, TV, films, games, books, newspapers, magazines and sport that you love, please select the relevant drop down from the Genuine Sites menu above. If you don’t find what you need, please get in touch through our social channels.

We look forward to telling you more about what we have planned very soon.

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Caspar Lee & Snoochie Shy kick off new video series highlighting our shared love of creative content

Caspar Lee talks great content, creating it, and the cost when you don’t Get It Right

We’re launching a new mini-series sharing stories from creators and influencers discussing their love of content, and what goes into creating it, getting us to think about what’s truly involved in the creative process. Like anything, there’s a lot more than you might think. It’s hours of planning, concepting and crafting, not to mention a team of people behind-the-scenes.

Caspar Lee is first up and knows better than most the impact of piracy. With over 10 million followers across platforms, he has a very healthy fan base but this isn’t always a positive. His film Laid in America was a smash hit but in one month alone it was illegally streamed or downloaded more than 500,000 times.

Caspar discusses some of the music and films that he’s been enjoying and looks at the number of hours that went into creating this content. From Lewis Capaldi’s debut album, which took over 390 hours to record, to Titanic which took a titanic 20,000 people and over 2000 days to create.

The hope is that while we continue to watch, listen and absorb great content – vlogs, films, tv shows – we’ll also think about the process of making it and the cost when we don’t get it from the right places.



Can you name your favourite film in a heartbeat? Have you ever thought about the time goes into making it? From acting classes to auditions to time in-front and behind a camera – there’s a lot that goes on to produce the movies that make us laugh, cry and are quite simply amazing.

Got a go-to song or EP? It takes time to make an incredible track.  Getting that beat just right takes dedication. From the days spent laying down that rhythm to the hours spent in the studio mastering the final song.

Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend with the things you love that creators invest their time in making? From binge watching TV to listening to your favourite artist on loop or playing the latest video game all weekend.

When you take just a second of your time to get the content you love from genuine sites, you’re helping to make the time and value invested by the creator worth it.

Whether you consume or create content yourself, you can help support the UK’s creative industries by:

  1. Calculating how much time you spend your creative passion.
  2. Writing that amount of time on a piece of paper with support genuine sites. #GetItRight.
  3. Taking a photo and sharing it on Twitter and Instagram using #GetItRight.

Let’s demonstrate that everyone’s time is valuable.  Join the conversation on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Final Street Art Mural Unveiled in Liverpool

Young Liverpool Creative Talent Inspires Giant Artwork at Iconic ‘Littlewood Studios’

The final piece in the UK’s largest multi-city street art project was unveiled this week in Liverpool with a giant design that celebrates Liverpool’s dynamic creative and digital industries.

Fittingly adorning two 20m x 20m walls of the art deco former Littlewoods building, which is undergoing a £25m transformation into new state of the art film and television studios, the design, is inspired by four of the city’s hottest new talents across music, digital and TV.

The artwork is the fourth and final piece in the UK’s largest ever nationwide street art project which has seen 788 hours of painting and over 850 cans of spray paint used to cover a combined wall space of almost 1,400m sq.

The mural pays homage to the burgeoning film and television industry, with dramatic references to the SFX capabilities of the city. Liverpool’s heritage and current position in the gaming space is also included, with a nod to the cult game WipEout, dreamed up by Liverpool based studios Psygnosis.

Also featuring are bold flashes of some of the Liverpool’s freshest talent:

  • Musician and producer Lapsley who recently played at Coachella festival
  • Actress Katherine Rose Morley who recently starred in BBC hit drama Thirteen as well as Last Tango in Halifax
  • Musician Louis Berry, a rock & roll singer from Kirkby who was named ‘One to watch’ by Liverpool’s GIT awards in 2015
  • Digital entrepreneur Leon Rossiter who founded Instinctive Co. and who represents the ‘young digital’ face of Liverpool

The mural has been painted by globally renowned, street artist ‘Replete’ and Liverpool talent ‘Beta’.

On seeing the mural completed for the first time, British TV drama actress Katherine Rose Morley said, “Liverpool has so much to give to the creative industry, and I’m hugely proud to be a part of a campaign that’s rooting for local creativity. @GetItRight is promoting an important message about how everyone should value the creativity on their own doorstep and beyond.  There’s so much diverse creative work that happens in this city, and this artwork celebrates each and every person involved. The @getitright campaign stands for creating a community that believes in getting creative work from legitimate sources, so that the work can continue – and that’s why I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Lapsley adds “Liverpool has a rich creative heritage and a thriving creative scene that we should be actively celebrating. Yes, The Beatles were born here, but there’s so much more to this city that many are unaware of. I’m constantly inspired by the talent that keeps coming through on a daily basis – just look at the people on the wall – there’s musicians, digital artists, actors. This campaign is hugely important in raising awareness of the importance of saving our creative industries and supporting talent. “

Louis Berry commented “This project is very impressive and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. Music runs through the city’s veins – it is part of what we all live, love and breathe. I create music because it is my passion. And it’s so refreshing to have a campaign in support of the time and effort you put in to making what you love. “

Leon Rossiter said “Supporting creativity isn’t always as obvious as staying faithful to your favourite musician or watching your favourite TV programme over and over again. What we create is a part of the bigger picture – our art is created in studios and behind closed doors but is hugely important in developing the digital creative industry. We’re so excited about this street art and can’t wait for people to see it!”

Luciana Berger, MP for Liverpool Wavertree said: “The mural on the iconic Littlewoods building is a beacon of creativity that showcases the fantastic talent our great city has to offer. I’m delighted the collaboration has produced a piece of art that proudly references our musical, digital creative, film and TV talent that are essential to our future success and prosperity. It sends a clear message – creativity is alive in our city today. There are exciting times ahead.”

Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Councillor Malcolm Kennedy, said: “We’re really looking forward to bringing back to life what is an iconic and fascinating part of Liverpool’s heritage.  The city has always been a hotbed of creativity and it is vital we continue to support the business sector so they continue to thrive in terms of job creation and growth.  The partnership with Creative Content UK aligns perfectly with the city’s future vision for this site.”

Tim Heatley CEO Capital & Centric, said: “So much of what we do as a business revolves around UK creativity. This artwork encourages young people consider the importance of supporting the films, music, games, books and sports that we all love. The subject of illegal downloading creates a polarised view amongst young people, but this artwork asks them to make a choice; do they support the UK’s creative industries or not? Purchasing from legitimate sources helps new artists and ideas that we all benefit from, that’s the point we want to make.”

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How To Make Money from Your Creative Passion with Mr Whisper

How To Make Money from Your Creative Passion with Mr Whisper

We paired award winning Instagrammer, Mr Whisper, with Ryan Warner, an up-and-coming London photographer for a three day mentorship programme to help inspire and nurture the next generation of young creative talent. The project aims to inspire people to get support the UK’s creative industries and to always get the stuff they love from genuine sites.

Watch as Mr Whisper talks about why it’s important to recognise and respect the effort that it takes to create great work, and helps Ryan define his own unique photography style. He also provides Ryan with tips and tricks on how to turn his creative passion for photography into a full-time, paid, career.

Have a creative passion you’re proud of us? Want to show your support for the UK’s creative industries? Tag @GetItRight on Instagram and Twitter so we can see what you’re up to!

Creative Courses, Trainings and Schemes

Creative Courses, Trainings and Schemes

Do you have a passion for TV, film, music, gaming, sports or publishing?  Are you interested in finding a job within one of these creative industries? Or perhaps you think you need a skills refresh or want to strengthen your skillset with creative training course?

We’ve compiled a list of organisations from across the creative industries that offer training, networking events, helpful tips or apprenticeship schemes that might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Creative Skillset works with professionals, employers, trade associations, unions, learning and training providers, and Government to ensure that the creative industries have continued access to the skills and talent they require. It supports skills and training for people and businesses through investment, training, careers and research. Sign up for its newsletter here.

Hiive, which is powered by Creative Skillset, is a professional networking site of collaborators from across the creative industries where you can meet other creatives, find jobs or courses, or create likeminded communities to discuss projects, share ideas or promote events. Register here.

BFI NET.WORK is a nationwide platform that supports and nurtures, up and coming filmmaking talent. It helps new writers, directors and producers on the way to their first feature through funding or making connections with industry executives in its Postroom.  Sign up here.

BAFTA Guru is filled with advice from the best creative minds in film, TV and gaming. You can search by skill or browse our features to find your Guru. Take a look at open opportunities here.

The Network is an intensive introduction to working in the TV industry, run by the Edinburgh International Television Festival. You don’t need any experience in working in television but you do have to demonstrate that you love TV. If you’re looking to start a career in television, this might be for you.  Apply here and applications will be accepted until 4 April at 11 p.m.

Ones to Watch gives TV’s best and brightest access to inspiring sessions, creative debates and unrivalled networking opportunities at Edinburgh in August, as well as support and mentoring throughout the year.

Media Trust brings together experts from across the media, marketing and communications and charity sectors to deliver inspiring events on subjects that make a difference. Sign up for training courses here.

Future Learn provides a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world. These are delivered one step at a time so you can fit learning around your life. Explore the creative arts and media courses open here.

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We’ve unveiled our third giant street art mural, this time celebrating Bournemouth’s vibrant creative and sporting community. The mural is 15m high and 13m wide and has been painted by Bournemouth-based graffiti artist Rick Walker.

The work is inspired by AFC Bournemouth’s Tommy Elphick and Robert Louis Stevenson’s Jekyll & Hyde.  The mural also references Bournemouth University and the National Centre for Computer Animation’s (NCCA) award-winning visual effects work.

Tommy Elphick has led his club to multiple promotions. He was deliberately chosen by artist Rick Walker as a source of local pride and a reminder of the importance of sport to Bournemouth. He also highlights the value of getting the sport you love from #genuine sites.

On seeing the mural completed for the first time, AFC Bournemouth captain, Tommy Elphick, commented: “It is a real honour that Rick Walker and the @getitright campaign saw it fit to include my image on such a ground-breaking piece of street art that will be seen by so many who live in or are visiting Bournemouth. I am really excited to see the finished artwork and, on behalf of everyone at AFC Bournemouth, I want to say a big thank you for our inclusion next to some huge figures from throughout this town’s eclectic creative history. I hope that what we have achieved at AFC Bournemouth over the last few years can inspire a generation of youngsters from the area to dream big – as a team we have showed that together, anything is possible.”

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote some of his best loved works of literature, including creating the iconic Jekyll and Hyde, in Bournemouth.

Lead artist Rick Walker, said: “Bournemouth has a lot of reasons to celebrate its creative culture with its rich history and current growing creative industry. We sought to encapsulate different facets of Bournemouth in this mural. The contemporary digital effects industry is booming in Bournemouth and is represented by the astronaut. We’ve shown the Cherries (Bournemouth FC) by portraying skipper Tommy Elphick. Robert Louis Stevenson made history when he wrote Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in a 2 week creative frenzy in Bournemouth and world champion break dance crew Second to None are also proud residents.”

The launch of the wall in Bournemouth follows those in Cardiff and Birmingham. The walls capture the energy and diversity of each city’s creative industries, from music to film to TV to publishing, and the people that breathe life into them.  The Bournemouth mural is the third of four giant artworks that will transform the landscapes of cities across the UK to celebrate the cultural history and the current diversity of the creative industries within each region.  Liverpool will follow Bournemouth, with artwork designed and created by local talent.

We hope you like it! Please let us know what you think on Twitter or Instagram.

Partnership with SBTV

Partnership with SBTV

A four part mini documentary series spotlighting the creative process behind important pieces of content featuring: artist Phillip Butah, producers EY & Nav, rapper Nines, the team behind Football Manager and the creators of independent film ‘Between Two Worlds’

The SBTV documentaries feature high profile people working in the creative industries including award-winning artist Phillip Butah, who discusses the creation of his new painting of the legendary grime MC, Wiley. The video documentary also details the complexities of the creative process behind his paintings, which have featured high profile public figures including Prince Charles and Ed Sheeran.

Other video documentaries feature up-and-coming producers EY & Nav who worked with rising rapper Nines on his critically acclaimed track Can’t Blame Me, discussing the time consuming and labour intensive process involved in creating and producing music. Another documentary chronicles the process behind the creation of independent British romantic comedy Between Two Worlds, which was a hit on iTunes and stars British rapper Example in his debut film appearance. SBTV have also produced a video documentary featuring studio director Miles Jacobson and the team behind hit video game ‘Football Manager’, discussing the value and the process behind creating a world-renowned video game.

Jamal Edwards MBE, CEO and Founder of SBTV stated: “We are very happy to be able to shine a light on the UK creative industries. Every piece of creative content has artistic merit and should be treated with respect. The rise of legitimate content services are doing a lot to combat content piracy, but there’s still work to be done and I hope these videos make people think twice about illegally downloading creative content.

Please let us know what you think on Twitter or Instagram.

More Street Art in Cardiff

More Street Art in Cardiff

We’ve unveiled another giant piece of street art celebrating Wales’ vibrant creative community in Cardiff, inspired by Welsh Music Prize winner Gwenno Saunders and her album ‘Y Dydd Olaf’.

Our second mural has been created by local artist and designer, Mark James. Gwenno’s ‘Y Dydd Olaf’ is a concept album based on the 1976 Welsh language Sci-Fi novel of the same name by Owain Owain. The story imagines a dystopian future where robots take over the world, turning humans into clones and corrupting their minds. This theme of preserving cultural identity underpins Gwenno’s album and she is a huge advocate of Wales’ creative communities.

The design adorns the walls of the iconic Clwb Ifor Bach, a creative hub, nightclub and music venue also known for its Welsh-language club and community centre.

On seeing the mural completed for the first time, Gwenno said: “Get it Right from a Genuine Site is promoting a very important message to young people about the value of creativity on their own doorstep and beyond. Wales produces some of the brightest creative talents in the world; in every discipline imaginable.

“We have many unique and important stories to share through our art, and in order to be able to continue the wider community must support us by getting our work from legitimate sources. That’s what the @getitright campaign stands for. I’m honoured to be part of this artwork that celebrates and represents all the wonderful creativity that this city has to offer.”

Standing at 12 meters high and 38 meters wide, the mural has been painted by local street artist, Rmer, renowned for his skills in creating photo realism and abstract work. His pieces have been featured in many international publications and exhibited internationally.

Mark James, artist and designer of the Cardiff mural, said: “Gwenno is a fantastic artist; passionate about advancing understanding of the Welsh creative scene through her music. Rmer has been working with local Cardiff old school writers since the early 1990′s, founding the graffiti art collective Cruel Vapours and the three of us have worked together on this artwork to celebrate the cultural significance of the area.

“Clwb Ifor Bach has been home to Cardiff’s creative communities for the past 30 years making it the ideal setting for the mural. We want people of the city to see the mural and appreciate what they have on their own doorsteps. We’re really proud of this artwork and hope the people of Cardiff are inspired by it as well.”

We hope you like it! Please let us know what you think on Twitter or Instagram.

Birmingham kicks off UK’s largest multi-city street art project

Birmingham kicks off UK’s largest multi-city street art project

The UK’s largest ever multi-city street art project kicked off today in Birmingham with the unveiling of a six storey high artwork spray painted on the iconic Custard Factory; home to the city’s creative quarter.

The mural is the first in a series of designs commissioned to mark the launch of a consumer initiative called Get It Right from a Genuine Site, conceived to increase awareness of and respect for the value of the UK’s creative industries.

The giant murals will transform the landscapes of at least five cities across the UK and will be revealed throughout October and November to celebrate the cultural history and the current diversity of the creative industries within each region.  Cardiff, Liverpool, Bournemouth and Edinburgh are already confirmed to follow the Birmingham launch.

Inspired by poet and writer Benjamin Zephaniah’s quote “Birmingham has changed a lot, but for me it’s still the centre of the universe,” the artwork captures the energy and diversity of Birmingham’s creative industries, from music to film to TV to publishing, and the people that breathe life into them.

Benjamin Zephaniah said of the campaign “During the industrial revolution Birmingham was the centre of British creativity, this city more or less invented Heavy Metal music; the Handsworth Revolution inspired a movement of British reggae music, and this city was my muse as a young poet. I love what Get it Right from a Genuine Site is doing because it promotes art with a sense of place, and art that is genuinely from the people. Let us celebrate us. They really have got it right.

Other Birmingham born creative heavyweights celebrated in the creation include rapper, producer and musician Mike Skinner of The Streets and actress Felicity Jones, who starred in the Theory of Everything.  Up and coming talent is also represented, with rapper, singer and producer Lady Leshurr from Kingshurst, Solihull featured prominently in the piece.

Felicity Jones, who is from Birmingham and supports the campaign, comments:  “Birmingham is bursting at the seams with creativity! I grew up going to the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the Custard factory, the Ikon Gallery and the Midlands Art Centre – to name just a few of the superb artistic institutions in Brum. I felt inspired by these places and encouraged to become an actor because of them. I feel lucky to have grown up in such a culturally rich city.”

The dynamic piece took five days to paint and was created by an artistic collective led by Walsall born artist, Chu, who is best known as the world’s first 3D graffiti artist. Chu has also worked as a print/design and events consultant for Banksy.

Chu has been joined by Joshua ‘Gent 48’ Billingham and Title from the area to transform the outside wall at the Custard Factory, Birmingham’s revolutionary creative, digital and media quarter.

“Travelling to, and working around Birmingham has always inspired me and my artworks” said Chu, the lead artist on the project. “The city is full of talent; it is an absolute honour to grace the walls of Birmingham with a mural inspired by the diverse pool of dynamic, artistic sub-cultures that thrive within the region.

The work in all five cities is being curated and recorded by Global Street Art, the UK’s largest urban art platform, with other partners also involved in documenting the events.

The mural depicts some of the fresh, new talent as they are the future of the creative industries. I hope that when people visit the Custard Factory and see the mural they can appreciate how Birmingham will continue to be seen as the creative hub of the Midlands.”

Geoff Taylor, Chief Executive, BPI and music spokesperson for Get it Right from a Genuine Site, said:  “We want people to understand the importance of supporting the films, TV, music, games, books, magazines and sports they love – and that by doing so they invest in creating more of it and the development of new artists and ideas.

Our goal is to encourage everyone to get their music, TV, film, books, newspapers, magazines, sport and games from genuine services and to support UK creativity.”

Marianne Grant, Senior Vice President at the Motion Picture Association and film spokesperson for Get it Right from a Genuine Site commented: “Street art is a powerful medium to tell our story and raise awareness of our campaign. It allows us to showcase some of the most creative talents in the UK right now to the nation and particularly inspire young people to think big when it comes to their own creative ambitions.”

The launch of Get it Right from a Genuine Site marks the first time a cross section of the creative industries have come together to champion creativity.